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    Maximize your fitness. Crossfit training was founded by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in 2000.

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    Dance Gallery

    A Gallery of Dance images with featured video playlist. Follow us on

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    Yoga Gallery

    A Gallery of Yoga images. Follow us on

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    Vince Delmonte : Nutrition & Supplements

    Juice Recipe to Burn Fat TWICE As Fast by Vince DelMonte Juicing Recipe: The Muscle-Cramp Stopper (great for athletes) by Vince DelMonte 3 Simple Nutrition Tips to Get Ripped for Summer!...

  • NBA Fit

    NBA Fit

    8 videos 41 minutes NBA Fit: Dwyane Wade nbacares DERRICK ROSE | THE RETURN | WORKOUT NBA FIT NBA FIT | John Wall | WORKOUT NBA FIT NBA FIT – KEVIN...

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  • D24

    A D24, Football, Basketball, Fitness and Boxing video playlist.

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    Health : Dr Oz Video Playlist

    This is a video playlist on various health topics on the Dr. Oz Show. The video playlist includes the following: 1-Jumpstart Your Morning * 2-Natural Cures for Carb Cravings * 3-Jennifer...

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