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  • Crossfit


    Maximize your fitness. Crossfit training was founded by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in 2000.

  • Hell Week By Dick's Sporting Goods Films

    “Hell Week” by Dick’s Sporting Goods Films

    “The hardest week in all of sport”. Videos by Dick’s Sporting Goods Films

  • Commercials by Under Armour

    “Earn Your Armour” by Under Armour

    Some of the greatest athletes in sports tell us all how to “Earn Your Armour”. Commercials by Under Armour

  • Game Changers

    EA Sports Game Changers

    EA Sports and the CBS Dream Team bring you the biggest names in sports. “It’s in the game”. These stars bring it in life.

  • Positive Coaching Alliance

    Positive Coaching Alliance

    Positive Coaching Alliance makes a difference.

  • Auto Racing Images Gallery

    Auto Racing Gallery

    A Gallery of Auto Racing images. Follow us on

  • Muhammed Ali

    “Impossible is Nothing – Ali

    Muhammed Ali : The Greatest boxer of All-Time. A legendary Man of heart, will and courage. Fast forward in the first video by 48 seconds where sound begins.

  • Remembering Stuart Scott

    Remembering Stuart Scott

    Legendary sports analyst, Stuart Scott is remembered for the champion he was to many.

  • Champions Of Character

    NAIA Champions Of Character

  • Player Style Files

    Player Style Files

    Player Style Files: Tyrann Mathieu by CBS Local Sports Player Style Files: NaVorro Bowman by CBS Local Sports Player Style Files: Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. by CBS Local Sports Player Style...

  • Mayweather VS Pacquiao

    Mayweather Vs Pacquiao : Pre-Fight 2015

    This is the richest boxing match fight in history.

  • Going to college

    College : Expert Advice

    College Greenlight Welcomes You College Greenlight Scholarship Junkies – How to apply for and win scholarships College Greenlight Get Me to College – Ten Tips for Writing Powerful Admissions Essays College...

  • d24 training video playlist


    A D24, Football, Basketball, Fitness and Boxing video playlist.

  • girls combat youtube video playlist

    Girls Combat Training

    This video playlist covers girls combat. Videos are by D24 and include the following: *1-Motivational Personal Boxing Lessons *2-INTENSE Kickboxing Exercise Class *3-Boxing for a Sexy Body *Refer to Footer Note

  • people are awesome youtube video playlist

    People Are Awesome

    This is a video playlist of People Are Awesome music videos.  The playlist includes the following videos: 1-People Are Awesome 2013-Sane * 2-PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013-2014 FULL HD (Best Of...

  • The Greatest Most Emotional Moments In Sports

  • great sports speeches youtube video playlist

    Great Sports Speeches

    This video playlist covers great sports speeches. The playlist includes the following: *1-I am a champion – the greatest speech ever *2-Greatest Pre-Game Football Speech of All Time (That...

  • water sports and music

    Water Sports and Music

    This is a video playlist covering water sports and music.

  • parents and sports picture

    Parents & Sports

    This video playlist covers the topic of parenting in sports. The videos included are as follows: 1-Doc Rivers on Sports Parenting * 2-Summer Sanders on Sports Parenting * 3-Youth Sports Parents...

  • sports and movies trailers pic

    Sports & Movies : Great Movies of The Past

    This video playlist covers past-time, great sports and movies trailers: The video playlist includes the following 1-The Sandlot 3 (2007) Official Trailer # 1 – Danny Nucci HD * 2-Field of...

  • fantasy football youtube video playlist pic

    Fantasy Sports : Video Playlist 2014

    This video playlist covers NFL Fantasy League football.  (Leagues are for adults only. However, NFL Football news and insight on is for people of all ages)  The video playlist includes...

  • sports history youtube video pic

    Sports History : Youtube Video

    This is a video covering great sports moments in history.  The Video on Youtube is entitled as follows: Greatest Moments In Sports (HD)* *Refer to footer note

  • athletes and money youtube playlist pic

    Athletes and Money : Video Playlist

    This video playlist covers various aspects of athletes and money.   Videos included in the playlist are as follows: 1-Saints’ Drew Brees Plays Visa’s New Financial Football Video Game at Bay High...

  • Coaches Get Certified


  • Sports and Education